If your are here, you must have typed one of these domain addresses:

  • schiavon.biz
  • schiavon.blog.br
  • schiavon.com.br
  • schiavon.de
  • schiavon.eu
  • schiavon.info
  • schiavon.mobi
  • schiavon.name
  • schiavon.us
  • schiavon.ws

These domains are owned by Paulo Schiavon, a brazilian guy that loves his family and is trying to find as much as possible his relatives around the world. That's why he keeps all of these domains targeting to just one place.

If you are a Schiavon as well, drop a message! Soon you'll be able to find a new virtual comunity and genealogy website that aims to put together this broad family.

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